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For the purpose of supplying the services of the website for yourself and future visitors we need to collect some information from you. This is done via cookies (as you traverse the site) and http headers (when you login) where the data resides in your local storage.Your consent to collect information

The 'cookie' consent banner on this website is your affirmative action in accessing subsequent pages where data is transmitted. Consent is based on the computer/browser/device being used. If using a shared computer it is advisable to clear local data before and after use. More information on cookies, headers and local storage is available from Wikipedia.

Search for 'HTTP cookies', 'HTTP headers' and 'Web_storage' respectively.

How to withdraw consent at any time

You have the right withdraw the consent at any time (opt out). There are various ways to do so:

  • Disable your browser from accepting/sending cookies or saving local storage, ornot using the website.
  • However, there will be aspects of the website that will not function, especially the login sections.

As a customer of Moat you can access your information via the Call Centre or via post.

Renewal of consent

Consent will be sought each session/device or when the term have changed. If you subsequently give consent it will override any withdrawal of consent.

Overview Cookies and local storage

Please see our privacy policy for more information on the controller and processors of data.

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Local Storage

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The information contained in the data transmitted to Moat is required for the provision of services now and in the future. It is pseudonymised and has no value on its own. We only use third party cookies for analytical purposes, such as Google Analytics, to help improve the usage of our site and for Twitter feeds. You can opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites.